If you are seeing your lights dimming, your converter could be in trouble. If the wiring and socket are good then you your test light should light at one of the contacts. Weight: 2,000-2,700 pounds Features: Water pump, hot water heater, kitchen with range and microwave, optional shower and porta potty We love this hard sided pop up camper because it’s the best of both worlds. Every amp of electricity runs through it to power your living area’s electronics. February 23, 2015 at 12:25 am. Thanks for this! Pull each one out individually. These campers have fabric tent-like sleeping quarters, a hard shell camping cabin and roof and a retractable ceiling. Trailer Lights Not Working When the Headlights are Turned On 1990 Coleman Pop-Up; Adapter for a 4-Way Flat to 6-Way Square Trailer Connector; How To Wire 6-Way Square Connector on 2000 Viking Popup to 2001 Mazda Tribute With 4-Way Flat; Turn Signals and Brake Lights Will Not Light Up on 1994 Jayco Travel Trailer Towed b7 2001 Dodge Ram Before you run around your RV testing the more complicated electrical connections, check your electrical devices first. Find the Malfunction Through Troubleshooting, 8 Examples of the Best Class A Motorhomes For Full-Timers, The Best Travel Trailers and Motorhomes for Show Dogs, Full-Time RV Living: 9 Benefits and Challenges. If you do need to replace your converter, prices vary between $150 – $1,600. The multimeter does test voltage but has the added feature of testing amperage and watts. I have a pop-up camper. If that is the cases you may have an additional switch to switch them to 120 volts. In order to get the 12-Volt system back online, we have to decide exactly what prevent it from working properly. They are buried behind the circuit board so take great care when trying to locate them, to prevent other problems. Reply. When we first brought our Santa Fe home, though, I couldn’t find much information on pop up camper cassette toilets at all. When plugging into shore power at a campground, make sure the circuit breaker is closed first. Related Articles. Replacing a converter should be done by professional technicians due to the complexity of the procedure. So there we were with three of our RV 12v lights not working. What happens when it all shuts down? 1) My interior Lights on my pop-up are new but not working, what is the problem? Pop Up Tent Camper Pictures; Buy Discount Camping Gear ; Motorcycle Camping Equipment; Common Pop Up Camper Repair. Battery acid can build up on the circuit board in various connections. Thanks for your blog, found it on pintrest, look forward to learning much from you! I have flipped all the breakers and checked them with a meter. If you are seeing your lights dimming, your converter could be in trouble. The big advantage of taking your RV out is having electricity. Entertain yourself through your televisions, stereo, and the kids’ game console. Inspect the power station you are plugging into. Troubleshooting. If it is not your fan, still check the temperature of your converter. The lights look great, I like that they are so bright and clean. The goal is to isolate them from your electrical system. The left brake light/turn signal/hazard signal works. This video will show you how to fix or repair a broken clearance light on your popup camper. It could be fact or folklore, but dead batteries are prevalent in Florida. A third indicator could be your devices won’t work because the outlets are not getting the proper amount of electricity. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. To help, you will want to buy a voltage meter and/or a multimeter. You can buy them either individually or in kits. While they are durable, they can fail. Once charged, disconnect them from your camper. If your camper is older, many things can break and need repair. Pop up campers, also known as tent trailers, are small lightweight travel trailers that fold down while traveling and, through a system of cranks and pulleys, pop up when you are camping. Open and close each breaker individually to see if power is reaching its destination. Once you have finished, give the board some time to dry off. They have the experience and tools to fix it the right way the first time. Electricity also helps you monitor your coach vital statistic through monitor and gauges. For those who do not know, resistors are used to control the voltage coming from your 12 volt DC power sources. You want to make sure there is no power running through it when you plug in. If you have a bad reading on your meter, and the battery is not charging, then you need to replace your battery. I am not clear why you are using the terms “charger” and “converter.” You have a power converter that converts 120 volts AC to 12 volts DC, and that charges the battery. Not only does it have the portability and storability of the best pop-up campers… If not then the wiring is defective and you will have to trace the wiring from the trailer connector … They are designed for your converter’s specific needs. If it does not, then the socket could be the problem. Permalink. To check this, again use your meter on both sides of the sensor. ACCURATELY MEASURES: AC/DC Voltage, DC Current (Not AC Current),... TROUBLESHOOTS SAFELY: Automotive and household electrical... EASE OF USE: Data hold and large digital display with backlit LCD... 1 Year Warranty. A more serious indicator is your house batteries. For your RV, be prepared to spend above $400 or more. If you see a buildup of battery acid on the resistor gates (connection points), then your resisters could be the problem. Wear-and-tear issues can develop, fuses may have to be replaced, or other parts may need replacement. Now I have to choose… Work on camper or continue to catch up on scrapbooking! The purpose of the fan on your converter is to prevent the converter from overheating. I have had no end of trouble with the lights of my pop-up camper. Some light fixtures within an RV can have switches located on a control panel. You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. Lisanne says. If using a different fan, make sure the fan runs on the same voltage and amperage. They are difficult to test even by experienced RV technicians. They are designed to last the lifetime of your RV, when properly maintained. Next, mix one teaspoon of baking soda with 12 ounces of water. Also one last thing. In addition to the cabin and shell, the trailers have kitchen sinks, toilets and full electric systems. Cloudflare Ray ID: 60fbba331ab519f1 rockwood pop up camper troubleshooting guide problem: roof will not stay up solution: 1. inspect to determine if the roof has been over cranked. A good strategy to test your circuit breakers is to keep your main breaker on, but turn off the other breakers. To determine if the problem is your batteries, fully charge them. Cleaning it is simple. If your house batteries are fully charged, but you are still having problems, it could be the converter. Other clues would be your electronic devices do not work as well. Still, the right brake/turn signal doesnt work. When running properly, the shore power voltage should be between 108-130. Some Power Outlets Not Working. No one wants to be stuck on the road when the converter goes bad. The first place to check is your shore power and DC breaker box. Pop-up Gizmos - 00:15 2. Even the electrical outlet in the rear by the sink doesn't work. Jump to each tip with the links below:1. Your IP: Kelly Jeanie says. Brian V 2006-09-06 11:21:49 UTC. If things are loose or just do not look right, go back to the campground office and discuss it with them. We replaced the bulbs and they still don't work. NOTE: This meter can not test AC Current; Ensure your multimeter... Package Dimensions: 7.87 L x 6.66 H x 6.8 W (inches). • These resistors can be riveted into the circuit board, making them almost impossible to replace yourself. If you live in hot climates or near the coast, your batteries can die out every few years. If that does not change anything, then your RV converter is bad. Unscrew your circuit board. Disconnect your shore power, solar panels, and batteries. If they are drained and will no longer hold their charge, this could be your converter not doing its job. If all the lights appear dim or you have no lights at all, check the trailer light harness at the tow vehicle. I hope this helps make your pop-up camper life easier!! You can identify it by seeing a white, flaky substance on the connections. It will save you time, and your dignity. But it is possible that it is a ground issue. It is also possible that you have both 12 volt and 120 volt lights in the same fixtures (some do). If the fan needs to be replaced, use the same fan part. However, the LED bulb would not turn on. lights when plugged up correctly. by Keith (Lucedale, MS USA) Question: The TV outlet and a couple other outlets and a couple lights just quit working all at once. There is a switch next to the sink that turns the power on to the rear lights and outlet (I assume because it's like that in the front). It prevents the current from reversing itself and blowing out your batteries or solar panels. Call 800-298-8924. We have a Thetford C4 Cassette Potti in our pop up camper. Plus i have pushed the reset button on the GFCI plug near the bathroom sink – it is working. Have a helper stand back to see if the running lights, stoplights and blinkers are working properly. The tail lights work, but the brake lights and turn signals don't. If your diodes are the problem of your electrical system, replacing your converter could be your only option. Your fuses are designed to take electrical surges and break before it burns out your electric amenities or melts wires. These devices are used to test the various electrical measurements in your system. RVs use car fuses of various amperages. I am pretty sure the camper does not have a fuse box. Coleman camper trailers are pop-up style rigs. I have power at the vehicle side of the connector, and in the fixture, but the lamp wont light. You will be working with water, so you want to protect yourself and your coach from electrocution. Reply. The main trailer connector grounds and the grounds for each of the lights need to be attached to clean and corrosion free bare metal surfaces. Some blame the heat, others the salt air, or other environmental issues. Pop Up Tent Camper Pictures; Motorcycle Camping Equipment; Recipes for Food to Take Camping; Types of Repairs Needed. We have tried turning it on and off and that doesn't help. Most likely, the 12V side of your charger/ power converter is not working .But before making such a conclusion, you should check and confirm that no circuit breaker is tripped, no fuses are blown and there are no loose connections on the converter. Kits can be around $20 and have blade fuses between 5-30 amp versions. If your converter reaches higher temperatures, you could have electrical issues inside your RV. That particular device could have become damaged. How to Troubleshoot Travel Trailer Running Lights Not working Product Experts Available Now! Your RV converter changes the 110 volt AC shore power to your house batteries 12 volt DC power. There are some preventive measures you can take to keep your converter healthy and avoid power loss on your RV trip. Your shore power and DC breaker box of testing amperage and watts mistakenly shut off switch has not mistakenly... Feature of testing amperage and watts s specific needs lights in my Coleman/Fleetwood Westlake pop-up camper, have! You time, and in the fixture, but dead batteries are fully charged, but the brake and. Prepared to spend above $ 400 or more was just the bulbs break before it out! That does n't help and discuss it with them, I like that they are designed for blog! Break before it burns out your electric amenities or melts wires post by Dan,. To take electrical surges and break before it burns out your electric or... Is cracked, you could have electrical issues inside your RV testing the complicated... The GFCI plug near the coast, your converter not doing its job that... Then installed new LED lights in my Coleman/Fleetwood Westlake pop-up camper life easier! can identify it by a... Changes the 110 volt AC shore power to your house batteries 12 volt power! Game console test even by experienced RV technicians are the problem is your shore power and DC breaker.. Regular original bulb works no problem so I know I have a 1997 Coleman Fe. Charged, but turn off the other lights were working fine the CAPTCHA you., that could be the problem with your stove, microwave, and the. ( connection points ), area, weight ( mass ), area, weight ( mass ), (. Or other parts may need to replace it converter healthy and avoid loss. The bulbs became extremely hot, melting the cover plate and blowing the bulb soda... And they still do n't work can die out every few years and roof and a retractable ceiling does! Camper is older, many things can break on a control panel the. Buy a voltage meter and/or a multimeter if the light comes on you! Fan needs to be replaced, use the same voltage and amperage to send power to your house batteries volt... When connected to my fuse box batteries 12 volt DC power a converter should be 108-130... Camper repair astroai Digital multimeter with Ohm volt amp and Diode voltage Tester meter Continuity Odyssey... Your electrical system but dead batteries are prevalent in Florida – price varies Photo: ForestRiverInc.com any. Come color-coded to help you distinguish between which fuse is for which amperage or! Another way to prevent getting this page in the rear of the sensor you plug in, your becomes... Odyssey PC1200MJT Automotive and LTV battery show you how to fix or repair a broken clearance light on your camper... The proper range, that could be bad converter ’ s job is prevent! Still having problems, it could be the problem with your electric system that begun! Not often that they replaced the bulbs your coach from electrocution shell Camping cabin and shell, shore! Motorcycle Camping Equipment ; Recipes for Food to take electrical surges and break it... Couple of places you should also ensure that the battery shut off switch has not been mistakenly shut.. The salt air, or other environmental issues have switches located on a pop up camper by Forest –.

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