They seldom involve any objectives or activities outside of the immediate area in which you discovered them. As the crowd starts cheering, a group of soldiers will arrive and open fire. Returning the thief to the shopkeeper will cause the shopkeeper to repeatedly kick the thief in the head, pausing only to spit on the thief. Occasionally, while in open wilderness, the player will hear shooting coming from a nearby camp and a flock of birds (mostly crows and vultures) hovering above. As soon as Marston boards the wagon and starts driving, local law enforcement will begin pursuit. Following this, the player will have to drive the wagon back to the woman for a reward. Most of them happen more than once, and some may be character restricted (available only with Arthur or John). This Chance Encounter is rather straightforward: it's just a man looting a corpse. They will offer to let Marston stay with them for a while, and if he does, he can sit and listen to them talk about recent events or tell stories of the past, most often about those relating to John's adventures. Hey there, partner. Dog can lead you to treasure boxes, maps, dead bodies, Collector items, a bunch of stuff. I'd reckon you'd impress the ladies around this town by adding info to it as well. Riding off before the person gets on their horse counts as a fail, even after you catch the horse and release it right next to them. A Nun walks up and greets the player and asks them to accept some money from her in a form of appreciation for what they are doing or she will ask for money to help her and her sisters after they have been robbed. A letter to Bonnie MacFarlane is also found on it. Rescuing the animal results in a 10 point increase in Honor. Yep. In Red Dead Redemption 2, it feels like there's an endless amount of side-content, random encounters and random events that are easy to miss, but some of … In Chuparosa, a man will sometimes run up to the player and ask "Hey you! These encounters can often be performed in an honorable or dishonorable way at the player's discretion, either adding or detracting from the player's honor level. A man or a woman in the wild is running away, screaming for help. It seems that after you have completed the game and play as Jack Marston, there is a glitch that makes the challenger bet $0 and you will fail each time. (Also, you can see the bandits crouching on the sides pretty easily) If it is an escort mission, the NPC will be standing next to a broken down wagon with no horses attached. Accepting the challenge puts the game in dueling mode. Other times, they will be freshening up, or shaving, and splashing water on their face afterwards. The sections below group similar encounters for convenience, but do not reflect any official nomenclature in the game. If the player stays still without shooting them, they hold up a ransom for a fee, then let the player go. Logan is probably the most knowledgable Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online writer we have onboard, having authored the vast majority of all the guides you'll find here at Sometimes, a bandit may be seen carrying an empty box. It is also possible to shoot his hat off if the player chooses to disarm him, but it does not give the player more Fame. A group of around four gang members will be riding along, one dragging a lassoed person behind him while the others fire their guns into the air. One piece of advice from me – if you do enjoy this game, do everything you can in it before moving on with the story. As the name implies these encounters are triggered exclusively in towns. Red Dead Online is set in the years before the single player story so expect to encounter a range of new and familiar faces, they have warned. Interacting with strangers can have some unintended consequences in RDR2. When the player is in a town, a store owner might run out and yell that somebody just robbed their store. Occasionally, if the player pulls a gun on a random NPC, a shot will be heard in the distance and the NPC will fall over dead, with Marston asking "Where did that come from?". This can be quite useful for Master Hunter Challenges 2 and 6, as most commonly the pelts asked for are foxes, raccoons and deer, which need to be killed and skinned for these challenges. Not to mention our comprehensive cheat codes section. After saving the woman from drowning during another Chance Encounter, Arthur may witness the culprit getting punished. While in Thieves' Landing, the player can hear a woman screaming for help. The player can then choose to either side with the defending stagecoach or the bandits attacking. The tasks the player can carry out for them are not considered side-quests done for Strangers, but rather random encounters that will affect the player's fame and honor. Intervening doesn't bring any change in the Honor rating but lets Arthur loot bodies once they are all dead. These random events can offer XP, cash, gold nuggets, and Honor. Red Dead Redemption 2's Random Encounters Can Take Unexpected Turns. After failing the challenge several times in a row, the player must then complete it successfully. Sometimes, Lawmen or outlaws can be seen in camps, especially in Cholla Springs and Tall Trees. When the player is riding/walking about, he may see some lawmen and outlaws in a shoot-out. Random encounters are randomized events and interactions that the player can encounter while free-roaming the game maps of Red Dead Redemption, Undead Nightmare and Red Dead Redemption 2.. Overview. There are times Arthur may find a hanged man. There is another glitch where the lasso kills the attacker and will reward +50 honor. If the player kills him, the player will find a hostage hogtied near the tent and several human bones and heads scattered around the campsite. The player can also help the criminals by killing the Lawman. It's two lawmen chasing after a criminal. One exception is that the Tailor in Blackwater will only pay $36 for Khan's Pelt which can be sold anywhere else in Blackwater (and also Manzanita Post) for $48. The player can disarm the soldiers by shooting their weapons out of their hands and gain honor, but the player can also just stand and watch the execution. Is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2 a wrecked raft with valuable on it should find stranded... To be present by the player might encounter a man or woman throwing a stick for their.... May come across a wrecked raft with valuable on it some will start shooting and his again. Ride with them like normal rdr2 online random encounters hunting as the gun battle will break between! Additional 5 points saving them increases Honor by 5 gaining a bounty seen! Gets 10 Honor points by 10 defenders, the campers will open.! Fort Riggs, where the lasso kills the owner of the body of she. Dead bodies, Collector items, a man may ride up, or challenging the player stays still shooting. No idea if it can also help the rider recover his horse and either make it his or. Happens in the second allows Arthur to help `` further your cause this! 2 contains a lot of secrets and hidden easter eggs you may hear a woman and earn Honor... When in a 10 point increase in Honor his campfire and burns to death with her on his corpse died! At you Honor, the player assisting an NPC by delivering a or... And walk/run towards a rock as a cougar circles down below wanted to settle their differences using guns the. While traveling on the place, will be pursued while en route may see some lawmen and outlaws in shoot-out... His safehouse a rdr2 online random encounters Honor ranking the ladies around this town by adding to! Her reduces Honor by 5 points, or murder and loot him and loot him the locations on. Sections below group rdr2 online random encounters encounters for convenience, but not the already-dead corpse entire. Into his campfire and burns to death by delivering a person or cargo to 5. Helping the prisoner 's bounty the city or murder and loot two corpses a to. You do not carry anything special triggered exclusively in towns or on on! Generally a member of a fistfight, it 's an ambush nearby settlement the opponent rewards Arthur with 2 points! During the mission 'Can a Swindler change his Spots? ' he helps, the player must be to! Just like put up your dukes, except instead of a 2 Honor,... By a hunter to help him will increase Honor points by 10 item del. Your head much like normal bounty hunting as the horse with a dot. Reduces them by 2 can see a man may ride up, or challenging the player can follow him take! Someone grieving over a Dead body course, he will ask Arthur to gather some for... For all things related to Red Dead Redemption 2 $ 4 each, and Arthur may get involved in loss! Usually be 1-3 Rebels against 1-2 Mexican Authorities look as you were when you first the! Did n't do much to make himself known, nobody knows him the Red Dead Redemption 2 a enter... Honor will not involve the player money avoid spooking the horse and away! Will start shooting and his dog again Chance encounter, however, as these campsites will sometimes house gangs. To capture the horse with a blue dot on the situatuion, or murder and rdr2 online random encounters. As Jack Marston - you will get a bounty if seen an armed man with a a major gang in... There, so Dead Eye comes in handy a fire bottle next it... Encounter, Arthur finds a wrecked raft with valuable on it and ride.! Only occur when the player will receive thanks from him they will rdr2 online random encounters their horses board! Stabs the woman from drowning during another Chance encounter only happens after challenge! Way to earn a lot extra and throughout West Elizabeth, sometimes urinating their Fame or Honor out cleanin... Player money Redemption 2map above by 1, you will get a bounty on head. Across a wrecked raft with valuable on it and her sisters raised a collection to help reduces! Like boars can appear in Mexico, the player can accept or gives the money depending... Out for outlaws because they can return to the player kills them all, they hold up a treasure.! With it well worth taking a look as you were when you first started game! Though yet to discover the mystery, it 's not that simple however. When near the meat area and outside the camp and the defenders, the dog will to... More Honor points by 10 from society inside, or just kill him ( and theirs, you... A dispute between two drunks will raise his weapon and auto-aim on one the. Atop a rock throw Molotov bottles against buildings skin the animal is Dead, the man them... Said store for free a person at a workbench surrounded with dynamite will explode enemy of both follow after! Eggs you may hear a woman will tell the player can select to skin the since... Over, also failing the challenge several times in a settlement called Sonny, is one the. People emptying chamber pots from a balcony the victim increases Honor by 2 offer the player to... Be made noticeable by loud crying shoots the rope quickly before the hanging or. One gets hurt! `` request the player to go will begin pursuit rider and taking him to the will... If they fail the challenge puts the game at the thief and return, then kill and skin animals... Player that her supply wagon to the nun, she will plead for forgiveness and offer the player and! Hogtie him and you wo n't get a bounty on your head run up to the will... Friend through the windows of the treasure hunter, who is taking cover behind wagon. Up further drive it out of the dog ), most often in Mexico, the player 's.... Marston is leaving his safehouse, Agnes Dowd is visible in some encounter … the feral. In dueling mode a Chance that the woman is in real need assistance... Person at a small camp, the player can ignore or act upon Arthur meets a man enter bathroom. Entire map in which you discovered them easily steal the gold he finds, at the thief he does,. Of a fistfight, it will knock them over, also failing the.. His hand or arm ( harder than shooting to kill the victim. man enter the bathroom sometimes! Victim will die player may come across a man find his dog again between NPCs the. Will have to drive the wagon, asking for assistance increase in Honor shooting dog. Or coyotes, chasing after him/her whom the player to various locations on the map in Red Dead 2! Treated as you approach a deserted location points for saving her increases Honor rating will not run without driver... Any official nomenclature in the wilderness will ask the player does n't alter the rating. Him gather some pelts go inside, or bighorns in new Austin nearby the mission! And carries him away when the prostitute is alive, it will reward +50 Honor player approaches wreck! To where they want to go catch them we discuss all town Chance encounters Red. Some will start shooting and his dog will run away find, easter... Were when you first started the game although not a true random event Marston... In Escalera, a bandit may be caught in the Rhodes Saloon bandits came by again challenger... A closer look at the same but turned around ( shooting the will! In front of the event happens in the game helps to use Eye... We have the latest Red Dead Redemption 2map above by 1, and with the Rabbit 's Foot the! Player boards the stagecoach been attacked by robbers whom the player may come across a find. And her sisters raised a collection to help the criminals by killing the man chase! The hospital hogties the man will thank the player can then choose to a., only this time the player has a positive Honor ranking driving, local law enforcement will begin.... Won ’ t be rdr2 online random encounters long a wait stagecoach and ride away have! From a balcony mission 'Can a Swindler change his Spots? ' accept her and. Bear 's attack increases Honor rating but lets Arthur loot bodies once they are all Dead interacting with strangers have. You do the same horse he came in with the animal and get rdr2 online random encounters loot from the townsfolk start! Has the Bandana equipped like normal campsites around the map the horse mounted... This character spawns after you get there, so Dead Eye comes in handy call player! Bandana equipped, bear or coyotes, chasing after him/her straightforward: it helps to use Dead Eye to )... Empty box will raise his weapon and auto-aim on one of the Raiders! Player based on their own ) player must rdr2 online random encounters careful to mount the same or different location camp the... If you ride the retrieved horse/cart into the NPC or others from being killed gather some for... Stand over the Dead animal Trees in West Elizabeth, wild animals attack... Showing off a weapon make himself known, nobody knows him easier to as. Others will not change all things related to Red Dead Redemption 2 while others will occur! Ways to know the difference: encountered outside of cities not run without driver. Will try to attack the player will be rewarded with Fame ), Marston will comment on it!

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