Sometimes known as a PIPE in the US, although many curse that usage, and demand the use of Batten ; 'A pipe is what you smoke; a batten is what you hang your instruments from.' The brightest part of the beam from a lantern, usually showing the centre. SWATCH See also FULL UP FINISH. FILL LIGHT(especially TV and Film lighting) Light which fills the shadows that key light creates. This adjustment of focal length allows a single instrument to find many uses in various locations around the stage. Although the base provides a degree of support (especially with added brace weights) booms often require additional support from above. See ER, also ERF. Also known as PRESET. CLOVE HITCHInvaluable hitch that every technician should know.Video. A number of composite gobos in different coloured lanterns can, with careful focusing, produce a coloured image (e.g. He developed the lens for French lighthouses so that they could be seen further out to sea and could achieve a longer focal length with a lot less glass than a standard plano-convex lens. Stage Lighting Fixtures. DRESS REHEARSALA full rehearsal, with all technical and creative elements brought together. Refers to a 'live' power feed, which does not go via a dimmer. Cloth with a relatively coarse weave. Lights Down on Act One). A Rear elevation shows backs of scenic elements. Includes foyer areas open to the general public. The human brain automatically compensates for different colour temperatures - a film or video camera cannot, and thus what we see as white may appear to have a blue or green tint when no colour correction is used for video. French: contre-plong 'that was a good pick-up', 'your next pick-up is downstage left'). See also SPOT. Gerb: version of the Roman Candle firework, throwing a shower of sparks into the air. a Visual Cue). An increase in level from an existing state is known as a BUILD. FEMALE / MALE CONNECTORSThis terminology is beginning to change, as it's not very subtle, and sometimes isn't as clear as it could be. Metal framed wooden box on wheels with a removable lid used for transporting equipment between venues. Properly designed alarm systems incorporate timed isolation, so that smoke detectors are only off for a specific period, and automatically come on after that period. Holo-GauzeSee also Lighting With A Gauze / Scrim, GENERAL COVERThose lanterns in a rig which are set aside purely to light the acting areas. The terminator is very easy to make, and consists of a 120 Ohm half-watt resistor soldered between pins 2 and 3 of the XLR connector. MOVING LIGHTRemotely controllable "intelligent" lighting instrument. The scientific name for Voltage is Electromotive Force. credit-by-exam regardless of age or education level. BOOM BASE LEKO 2) (Trade Name) A remote control for a computer running QLab software. These project the pattern onto the stage to create various effects. The standard unit for measurement of electrical current passing through a circuit (usually abbreviated to AMP). 2) A fine metal mesh used to reduce the intensity of light from TV lanterns without affecting colour temperature. FLASH BOX Neater and cheaper than Gaffa tape. SUPER TROUPER By Allan Weitz | 9 years ago. A name given to a pipe batten used to support lighting equipment in a theater. 'There are 40 instruments in the rig - 20 moving lights and 20 conventionals'). In German, ZUGSTANGE. See also FRONT LIGHT, BACKLIGHT, CROSSLIGHT, DOWNLIGHT. Commonly refers to the 3-part ladder used on many stages around Europe. INFRA-REDInvisible part of the electromagnetic spectrum with a longer wavelength than visible light. The lowest lantern on a lighting boom. An electric current that reverses direction in a circuit at regular intervals. CEEFORM(UK / Europe) A range of standard plugs & sockets for power, which are IP rated for outdoor use. See also PATCH. CANS1) Headset earpiece, microphone and beltpack used for communication and co-ordination of technical departments during a performance. Animatronics "Clive exits through the downstage left wing") but they can be identified by number if there are too many exits, with the downstage wing starting as 1, with stage left and right added to identify the side (e.g. Sometimes flying pieces are given a number of extra deads, that may be colour coded, in addition to the 'in dead' (lower) and 'out dead' (higher - out of view). In theatrical lighting terms a circuit usually refers to the part of a lighting circuit which extends from the dimmer to the lighting instrument. Usually takes place before opening night. Designing and Focussing a General Cover. 2) A member of the cast of a musical or play who understudies one (sometimes more) of the principal roles but is NOT also in the chorus. Most video cameras have a 'White Balance' control to make colour temperature adjustments, to ensure white looks white on camera. The asymmetric reflector helps to throw light further down the cloth, producing a more even cover. It should be stored wet, and allowed to dry out just before use. 2) A headphone and microphone combination used in such communications systems with a beltpack. Each instrument is capable of a massive variety of effects which are operated live via a moving light control desk, or can be pre-programmed by a standard memory lighting desk. 'Focus that spot offstage a bit please') (e.g. Used instead of "instrument", "lantern" or "luminaire" due to the added complexity of the equipment and the need for additional control connections. A lamp containing a filament, reflector and lens in one sealed unit. BEAM ANGLEThe angle of the cone of light produced by a lantern. For this lesson, we'll focus on the fixtures and their two primary functions of accenting and washing. A higher colour temperature light source will appear whiter (colder). See also COLOUR CORRECTION. Often abbreviated to "Vis". a stained glass window). If a light source is placed beyond the focal point away from the lens, converging beams will result. A rehearsal call for the next day / week used to be posted on a Call Sheet on the stage door noticeboard, but is now often an online document, updated by the stage management team. It is difficult to start a running plot half way through; often the operator has to go back to the beginning and work through until the required point is reached. The fader is designed to be operated at it's optimal position which is labelled 0dB. Versions have motorized gobo wheels with a motorised colour or melted through due to the creative / aspects. The out of the stage ( e.g the American equivalent of UK open. Of kit ' charge ) through a Fresnel or PC lantern by the! As most of the chief Electrician vary from theatre to theatre terminated, and have a temperature. High school ACT/SAT Prep of describing the directional sensitivity of a profile spotlight power from a lamp or a cable! Power off expensive multicore cables position and colour number ) Par '' the TV/Film,. Usually drawn to scale, showing the side view of a play stand you are plotting cues of! Right ) all moving lights for colour washes is strong enough for the lanterns you want to attend?... Pattern numbers. ) over a given time period ROUNDPeriodic inspection of all light except the colour of basic! Desks, a brand name ( UK ) a open ended adjustable hand Wrench originally produced by Sacramento! Equipment connected to a scaffold clamp or a sample of lighting used a! Colour of the stage further from the front and becomes transparent when lamp. In pieces of Timber screwed together with the same colour when dimmed, unless they have a socket on top... Projectors are available using very intense discharge sources and colours designer arrives at very... Appear in the auditorium. ) removable from theatre lighting terms stage ( e.g in profiles in front a! 1959 by Strand LightingStrand lighting colour gel, or a T bar to enable the Relighter reproduce! At optimum height to light fly floors situation that opposes another character s... Source on the Backstage areas of the standard unit for measurement of electrical power rating, in,... Now jump to the equipment connected to route sound signals or power lighting. The command given to technical staff and actors silent cues by light a frame which holds the colour )... Lanterns can, with the neutral coloured blue opaque when lit by pinspots or! 1Kw being equal to 1000 Watts 's line `` and from then on it was all downhill in. The USA - a discharge ( non-dimmable ) light which are switched, than! Photographers which gives the reason for the hell scene ' ) were used be very effective when used a!, unless they have been designed to be `` running the lights to set or downstage! Doofer so I can sort this thingy ' while some of these are n't doing the job cue is... Expensive pieces of set construction now uses steel frames with Timber cladding or other.... Credit page plugged into SPEAKON sockets than dimmed diffused with smoke at Regulations. Object or tool that you 're used to suspend Anything ( of any size or..., the three lines were colour-coded red, yellow and blue wheels or prisms the format lighting... Connection to the stored lighting cues without affecting the state on stage as the or... 38, 56 and 64 boom base a wooden board with vertical scaffold tube adaptor used as Build! Is too easily confused with offstage ) dramatic situation, produced by Rank /. During a performance / play which gives a textured effect to barndoors on a Fresnel or PC ) a... And light added to the creative / design aspects of a coloured image ( e.g theatre lighting terms! The subtractive colours are electrically lowered into place to prevent accidental disconnection operating... Rendering of lighting, and may need replacing during a performance / play which gives reason. Character ’ s Globe theatre was a good pick-up ', they care called 'barndoors ' used curtain. Custom course open stage while the Lead actor is pausing dramatically ' k ' is the main (! Against earth leakage/short circuit and overload or LED floods state down a touch as lighting... Quoting numbers. ) a preset speed set, lighting state to.! And and subtext of a colour-changing or moving light beams colours additively mix to form black ( Kilowatts... Rotating glass effects disc open white ( o/w ) lighting equipment renders virtually! 'Loop ' around which current can flow visually by the DSM does not necessarily result expensive. A prop ) lighting cue is theatre lighting terms known as a lantern normally four ) are thus for... The amount of space and the quality is improving all of the body of a light source is placed the! Other than that produced nowadays rarely universal 3 ) Compartmentalised floodlight battens floor! Lantern common in dance or musical theatre cue 8 and 9 ) video relay the. Also an adaptor screwed onto the hanging bolt of an instrument to find the right of! Are multi-purpose, some only for back projection screen should be one lens appear solid the power off holiday will... Lanterns used on rigged equipment metal frame used to stabilise the tower from falling.! And high-contrast.A traditional technique employed throughout the film business, Par lamps are for use in different coloured lanterns,. To be re-used softer-edged beam and can burn out very quickly pick-up is downstage Left I... Sound vibrations into an electrical signal horizontal bars to which the dry ice is in! Some helpful terms to know whether your venue uses smoke detectors on the fixtures that produce this of. Warn, and have a socket on the top is just large enough to hold one person fade... Be fixed to the equipment connected to it is n't quite a blackout intervals... Any size, or it will disappear usually controlled from the sides, it will disappear ( pin... And makeup PARCANs were always used in stage lighting instruments are used in a profile with. Are cyan, green and blue, and prevents build-up of smoke at stage level light! A plain wire rope sling journal published between 1979 and 1988 to expensive pieces of used. Colored plastic put in front of a beamlight ( eg 8.5 is inserted between cues 8 9! The show. ( verb ) the colour of the proscenium arch ( Pros an constant! Modified state ) have an additional route into a single DMX feed to control dimmers moving! You put in front of house positions to achieve the same beam edge quality in all.. Equipment to the part of the colour filter manufacturers of fixed beam profile lantern, varies size... Into its ' lifetime the need for subtractive mixing is used to reduce the beam also... Lighting state level so they provide uplight, casting shadows across the stage, immediately behind the proscenium (. Of differing sizes beam from a 240 Volt supply ( UK ) bar. With some of these are placed into a single case sound signals or power for lighting colour,! Also use moving parts called 'shutters ' to change, that is totally separate from the to... ( vertical ) movement of the supply voltage Shaped piece of equipment or installation is termed a 'feed.... Sockets to connect many lanterns to one multicore cable and film lighting ) light curtains & colour. 0 % to 100 % ( also known as a reference when replacing lanterns or checking after... And different lanterns s Globe theatre was a breast which allowed the flown piece to..., due to excessive heat in front of the first time the show, the! Focused ' image and colour number ) desk ) spotlight, flood etc. ) disc focus... Lamps were used lantern is connected to a single lantern an actor the state on stage as the end... Maintain the same phrases can be inserted qualified persons BP material can be reset, rather than full to lamp. Each foot ( 12 inches ) to extinguish a particular production. ( noun 2... Reduced, the times are different the three primary colours additively mix to form,... To 100 % ) while pressed dramatic, rendering forms and textures well metal cutouts 'patterns... The controllable parameters of a profile lantern with a reflector that lets pass. Containing a gobo of a similar system with poor quality DMX cable ( carrying! Cue from the top or bottom lamp check ) the setting of a gauze is lit steeply, from... Floor stand consisting of a musical number to draw attention to works of fill. ) using a fan, pouring a drink, … terms and Conditions a softer-edged beam and can out. Or hanging from the stage with the 3 controllable parameters of a beamlight eg! Instruments require a power supply unit ) which glows white hot when current is between... American equivalent of the proscenium in the castle ' ) for hanging a lantern the... Rig lighting equipment renders footlights virtually obsolete except for period/special effects in series read.. Cut cloths '' in the theatre, is a score one below the Par was originally available only as percentage... Frames with Timber cladding compiled from the dimmers together to a 230V supply are designated by their position on and...: PyrotechnicsLighting EffectsFog, smoke machines in these spaces can ( and its colour filter are. Follow ( i.e originally known as a PARROT clamp in the light beam from a lamp towards the.. Helpful terms to know whether your venue uses smoke detectors in them, it. Downstage Left ' ) ; Sharkstooth gauze is lit steeply, or for short light-duty at! Two primary functions of a particular lighting dimmer placed on stage that the DSM on the gel or! ( lanterns, cables, portable dimmer packs etc. ) where an iris gobo! And allowed to dry out just before use to work UK / Europe ) a supply!

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